Cato family receives 2013 Leopold Conservation Award

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BUCK-HOLLOW_7191_webRevitalization efforts on two ranches in two different ecological regions of Texas have earned a Houston couple the 2013 Leopold Conservation Award, Texas’s highest honor for private land conservation.

Recognized for their stewardship were Jack and Jan Cato, who in 2004 and 2006 received regional Lone Star Land Steward awards for what they have done to restore their two properties – the Buckhollow Ranch in Uvalde and Real counties on the Edwards Plateau and the Stockard-Sirianni Ranch in Frio County. That ranch is located in the South Texas Plains ecoregion. Read more …

The Leopold Conservation Award in Texas is presented annually in May at the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department’s Lone Star Land Steward Award ceremony. Landowners must first receive an eco-regional Lone Star Land Steward Award before becoming eligible for the statewide Leopold Conservation Award. Read more …

Applications are accepted June 1 through November 30. 

Texas Partners:

Sand County Foundation

Transparent Black and White 2 copy_thumbSand County Foundation is a private, non-profit conservation group dedicated to working with private landowners to improve habitat on their land. Sand County’s mission is to advance the use of ethical and scientifically sound land management practices and partnerships for the benefit of people and their rural landscapes. Sand County Foundation works with private landowners because the majority of the nation’s fish, wildlife, and natural resources are found on private lands. The organization backs local champions, invests in civil society and places incentives before regulation to create solutions that ensure and grow. The organization encourages the exercise of private responsibility in the pursuit of improved land health as an essential alternative to many of the commonly used strategies in modern conservation.

Texas Parks & Wildlife

tp&wAt Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, our mission is to manage and conserve the natural and cultural resources of Texas and to provide hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation opportunities for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. We seek to balance outdoor recreation with conservation as we achieve greater self-sufficiency.

On one hand, we must manage and protect our natural and cultural resources. At the same time, we must generate increased revenue by adding value through more and better public services. We affirm that a culturally diverse, well-trained staff will best achieve this balance. And we must never forget, not in the haste of business, nor in the pride of science, that the outdoors should above all be a source of joy! Providing outdoor experiences, whereby young minds form values, will be our greatest contribution to the future.